Friday, October 19, 2007

My favorite restaurant in London because it has...


She's been riding for 29 years, and have been averaging 5000-6000 miles a year. Although, she started riding late in her life, she has accumulate about 170,000 miles. She doesn't do laps in the park, but goes up State. She normally rides alone and the best thing about it, is she finds money on the road, a quarter here and there, and has been averaging $28 a year, she's 19 cent shy of that $28 this year. And she donates that money to Charity every year. Marty, I am honored to meet you.

George is turning 70..

on November 13th. Anyone up for giving him a surprise? email me with Ideas. Hopefully, I'm around.


Yes, I will update my blog.

Will a busy man.

always working.


He's a real Photographer. He seems to ride everyday.


He's multitasking, he working and riding, he's making sure he don't gain back any of his 50 lbs. he lost. Chip you the man!

Do you know why he's smiling??

He just out ran all those cops. Actually, he's just happy he's back on his bike.


Doing short loops.


Still going...


Doesn't anyone work???

It's Wednesday and the pack was out, led by Muggy of course.

Leader of the pack


He's on track for 11000 miles this year, he's at 9500 as of yesterday.
Victor, he's a new rider being coach by Will.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mike is back...

Great to see him back in action. Great guy!

Margot, she's going so fast the picture came out blurry.


Undercover, I didn't recognize her, till she said something. Nice bike, vintage!


The happiest kid in Central Park.

Alan Web

Alan Web he broke the US mile record last July. He just won the 1500 meter on Fifth ave, I think? Watch for him in the Olympics next year.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Sign in a bus stop

London has a big campaign on promoting bike riding. Tons of bike lanes.

Richmond Park

Yes those are deers, hundreds of them.

Good thing I had a mountain bike.


Nice Blok who told me where to go. People are very polite in London.