Saturday, June 30, 2007


She's been running in the parks for years. Glad I finally got you in my blog.


Beautiful day in the park...

After my ride from Nyac, I bumped into the Surla family, I hung out in the Park till 6 o'clock. I had a pretzel for lunch, but it was all worth it. The great thing about hanging out in Central Park is that you can either have a good day or a great day, it's a win win situation.

Mommy and the kids.

Veronika and Logan

and Wyatt.

Logan using his charms

Hey... How you doing?

Nice day in the park

By the swings...

By the lower play ground...

Upper play ground.

Nice day at the park

Logan is a handful, but what a fun kid.

Yes sir.

Just look at that smile, what a happy kid.

Max and Logan and Wyatt Surla

Logan on his first bike ride with his dad.



He was taking pictures of cyclist, and he took a picture of me and Bill, he said he will email it to me. He works with Robots that goes to Mars. You got to love this park! Can't wait for those pics on Monday. BTW, he raced as juniors from 13 to 16 y.o. but due to knee injury he had to quit, but he still loves the sports of cycling.


He just got back from Bear Mountain, and he feel fresh.

Barry and Alan

Relaxing after a rough ride.

He takes the expression, "make yourself at home" to a new level.

The Pack



If I saw her on the street without a helmet, I would never have recognized her. Now it won't be a problem.



Sunday, June 24, 2007

Carol and cousin Joyce...

Studying Chinese in Central Park, nice day to be in the Park.

New band?

That's not rashid, I wonder what happened to Jay and Rashid?
Random cyclist.


we just call him Money.

Kam and his brother Cheung

They also raced motorcycle at one point.


An Olympian Skier. He's also an Architect. Nice fellow


Old Skoolz track rider.

Book fair

Hula Hoop class in the park