Tuesday, May 29, 2007


The train...

Micheal leading the way

Raul Aranas

The Engineer in Miss Saigon, Still riding strong! check his website out, buy a CD, support a riding artist. http://web.mac.com/raphe95/iWeb/Site/Blog/Blog.html


What not to do...

Taking a picture of people riding where the cars goes thru!

Summer is here!

Everyone is out and enjoying the nice weather. Nice to be in the park, nice of everyone to stopped by and say hello to me.

Junko san..

Monday, May 28, 2007

I'm BACK!!

Sort of... Glad to be back in the park and actually ride.. I'm out of shape right now, but hope to regain some form by the end of June. I heard George was flying around the park. maybe it's a good thing I missed him. I missed everyone in the park and hope to see everyone enjoying the summer in the park. Ride on...

Scott, the Triathlete

Scott, the Athlete within, he's been training in the park for years. Check out his website, www.theathletewithin.com


She just started riding in March, and she's doing just fine.


Don't think I spelled his name right, but I have seen him riding for years. Next week there's a Japanese culture show at Summer Stage, I think? Stop by and say hello to him, come one come all.

Scottie the happy Cyclist..

I was suppose to stop by the boat house and give him this blog, but I stopped by 72nd street for a drink and never got back on my ass. So, if anyone see him please pass the site to him.

Great smiles..

Urma and Will...

Gary and Allen

These guys was riding with a mission!

The Chase...

oh oh...


Dropped too...

The Pedicabist.