Friday, August 24, 2007

Saw this sign in London...

Gotta love it. Anyway... Heading back to London tonight!! didn't expect it, but I'll be back in a month! So you have any pictures, send it over. Hopefully, I get to ride in Richmond Park this time.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Marco and Andy...

Not sure if Marco is part of NYVELOCITY, but Andy is one of the Photographer for Great site for all you cycling fanatics. He's a Photographer in "real" life as well. I met Andy about 8 years ago when I used to ride my Gios and he was on his Bianchi, good "old" days. He's definitely one of the "regular's" that rides between 10-3pm. I'm sure most of you has seen him Whizzing pass you.

The best Pedicabist in the Park...

Bill and Mark.
BTW, I was taking a picture of the guy sleeping in the park, but I'm not complaining.

Doug and Barry,..

good to see Doug out riding... He's usually sailing this time of the year. What a tough life he has.

Monday, August 20, 2007

People if I make a mistake Please tell me...

especially grammatical or spelling.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Central Park News...

Maire has just won a 37K RR and a 19.2K TT at Worlds - Deutschlandsberg. Congratulation to her.

Her next races are in St. Johann in Tirol... these are the biggies.Wednesday - 20K TT.... She think her start time will be around 11amThursday - 40K RR in Austrian Alps. That goes off at 1:30pm. Good Luck Marie!

Bring home more Rainbow Jerseys

Ashley and Richard.

Ashley likes riding in the bag and prefer to be going fast. Check out Richard's site, if you want military clothing at a discount, he's the man!


and his team, NYvelocity. Good guy, maybe I'll join his team next year.

Scottie, Bill, Barrry and ? ...

Barry and Bill,
Scottie and ? I didn't get his name.


The only guy riding on a cold Saturday morning in August!! Yep! Those are arm warmers, I had them on too.

Ling Ling...

My cousin, we just call her Viv. A recent Journalism grad from Rutgers University. Anyone got connection to a JOB??

Sprinter Girl...

Not sure how many 100 Yard Sprint she did, but it was more than five. I got tired watching her sprint!

Sunday afternoon in Central Park


Friday, August 17, 2007


They pulled me around the park for at least 5 laps.

Andreas times 2...

Andreas he's from Bologna Italy, and he comes for three weeks every year to ride with us in Central Park, he has a seven year old son name Marko. Great Guy!

Andreas, another Italian, he was the translator for the other Andreas. he's just made me worked twice as hard as I wanted. I didn't plan to ride hard at all today, but hey.... Good luck in the NY State Time Trail Championship tomorrow. Thanks for the pull and making me work hard today.

Will with Yoda, Bam Bam, Simon and Bear

Will and Yoda.
Bear and Simon didn't want his picture taken.
Yoda and Bam Bam.


Thanks for the ice tea.

Filip Capala

Still training, he's on Antibiotic, so he's taking it easy. Tour of Christiana he came in third overall in the Cat. 3 division, he's seventeen and still a junior. He's training for the race in Vermont at the end of the month, sorry, I forgot the name of the race.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where did they go?

That way!

Kate and her boys...

Jacob and Max skidding...
Jacob and Max.
Jacob enjoying the sun?
Kate enjoying the day, what a smile.


Madame and Norma

I got Madam's good side.

Geroge and Dean...

George dropped me on the 110th St. Hill.

Jack the slacker...

He only has 7200 miles this year, oh yeah! it's only August, Jack the man!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Rafeal, Future Champion...

Hopefully, I didn't spell his name wrong, he's Raul's Son and he's growing up fast, they just rode back from 9W. He's a good kid and he's going to be strong!

btw,check the kids in the background, har har.